Akane B. Fujimoto

Hello! I am a 4th year PhD student in Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech working with Dr. Pinar Keskinocak. I'm currently a Data Scientist at the CDC under an ORISE Fellowship.

I am interested in applying optimization and statistics to medical decision making, healthcare operations, and humanitarian logistics.
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Research Interests

How do we create systematic approaches that clinicians/patients can follow to make fully-informed decisions that improve their health outcomes? Using large amounts of healthcare data available and quantitative methods, we want to create protocols that adapt to patients' profiles and preferences for better screening, diagnosis, and treatment plans.

I'm currently working on developing a decision-support tool to improve prenatal screening.
What strategies can we implement to improve the delivery of care in healthcare institutions from an operations management standpoint? This includes resource allocation, staff scheduling, patient appointment scheduling, capacity and facilities planning, etc.

I'm currently working on analyzing nurse practitioners scope of practice to recommend strategies to improve patient care and drive cost-effective practice.
How do we design efficient and effective supply chains to connect underserved populations to healthcare resources? This research area includes a wide variety of global issues such as the deployment of mobile health workers to rural areas, vaccine pricing and allocation, distribution of supplies and equipment donations to hospitals.
Industry Research Experience

Jan 2019 —
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Graduate Research Assistant, Intern at Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice and Advanced Analytics and Outcomes
Jun 2018 —
August 2018
Mayo Clinic
Intern at the Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery

Significance of SARS-CoV-2 Specific Antibody Testing during COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation
A. Fujimoto, I. Yildirim, P. Keskinocak
Vaccine, 2021

Impact of Caloric Prescription and Degree of Malnutrition on Incidence of Refeeding Syndrome and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Eating Disorders: A Retrospective Chart Review
L. Schlapfer, A. Fujimoto, M. Gettis
Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 2021

A Comparison of First Trimester Prenatal Screening Strategies for Down Syndrome with Maternal Age and Preferences Considerations
A. Fujimoto, T. Ayer, A. Caughey, P. Keskinocak
Prenatal Diagnosis, 2020

Family Support Practices to Impact Stressors in Parents of Critically Ill Children
M. Gettis, A. Fujimoto, M. Rullo, J. Millinger
Under review

Fabrication of Theta Carbon Nanopipettes using a Template-Based Chemical Vapor Deposition Nanomanufacturing Process
A. Arowosola, A. Fujimoto, O. Scheibel, M. Schrlau
Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), 2015


Decision Support Tool for Patients in the Prenatal Space
A. Fujimoto, P. Keskinocak, T. Ayer, J. Yan, K. Pasupathy, S. Romero-Brufau, M. Sir, M. Wick, L. Nielsen, L. Rust
Health Systems: The Next Generation Symposium, 2018, Atlanta, Georgia

Template-Based Nanomanufacturing of Multi bore Carbon nanopipettes
A. Fujimoto, A. Arowosola, M.G. Schrlau
National Collegiate Research Conference, Harvard University, 2015, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Decision Support Tool for Patients in the Prenatal Screening Space
A. Fujimoto, P. Keskinocak, T. Ayer, J. Yan, K. Pasupathy, S. Romero-Brufau, M. Sir, M. Wick, L. Nielsen, L. Rust
Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers National Conference, 2019, Orlando Florida

Using Learning Analytics and Statistics to Predict Student Performance from Learning Management Systems Utilization
A. Fujimoto, R. Silvestrini
RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2015, Rochester, NY


2018 —
Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD in Industrial Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. in Industrial Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology
B.S in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Minors in Applied Statistics, Management Information Systems
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
A little bit more about me

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I moved to the U.S. in 2013 to pursue my undergraduate studies in Rochester, NY. I love traveling to new countries. In 2017 I promised myself that I would visit a new country every year and so far I haven't broken the promise.

One of my biggest passions are sports, I love playing and watching them. Football (or soccer) is my favorite. Even though I do not play regularly anymore, I enjoy playing pickup games with my friends from time to time. I cannot miss a game of Peru's National team, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), especially the North Carolina Courage.